Nokhookdesign does not care asshole customer!

Like what my title said.

We have run our mini business for years and never have any problems with our customers.
Most of our customers are nice. well, some are not. but we can find the way to pass it finally.

Until it came up with this case.

Right now, I would like to inform you guys that....

Nokhookdesign and www.37nats.com have nothing to do with each other!!!!

No matter what this customer says, does, acts, thinks or whatever...are just a shit for us!

Let me roughly explain in chronological order just to make you guys see what happened;

1. A stupid western guy came with his Asian wife (who no matter what aspect regarding her is nothing but just a bar girl type!) to my office. Asking to do some works. We agreed and made appointment.

2. We went to Bangkok. That girl called us, ordered us to go back to Chiang Mai one day earlier (of arranged date) just to see them. Hell! who on earth would do that---- huh? to travel between Chiang Mai and Bangkok, the cheapest cost is around over 2000 but the job cost only 2000 baht in which they didn't even deposit.
More, the way that idiot girl talk to us was very bossy. I'm not her slave.
And we refuse the job.

3. That guy came again, still want us to do the job.
We told him we would make quotation and would start working after he agrees with the price only.
We sent e-mail.
He never replies.

4. 20 days passed, that guy called to complain why we didn't finish the job. GOD DAMN! Who would do it while customer not ok with the price yet. I told him quotation was sent already, don't see? Then he said 'Oh I just saw it' (shit)
Then he complained the price is too high.
(For most people, this is very easy to make decision, if you think the price is bloody high, then go to someone else.)

5. This guy is not that type. He tries to force down the price to a damn low rate we can't accept, trying to convince that in the future he would have more job offers. Who cares! I work for today payment, not for the day dreaming future! That's not the reason to reduce my price at all. There's nothing to guarantee that he would find me more job for sure. Nothing.

6. We are both not ok with the price but make appointment to talk.

7. He sent an e-mail again. All about price was misunderstood. I tried to apoligize once that it might be caused by our weak communication in English (which is far better than his stupid wife) and write an explaination on price again.
However, at this point we feel really down. They are so fussy, want good job in low prices, and bla bla bla.

8. We sent e-mail back to refuse all the job. based on these reasons
- we don't have time (which is not because we couldn't manage time, but it because 20 days passed and we got no reply from them. So we assumed they don't accept the price and don't want us to do. So we already took other jobs...which pay less but we are happy to deal)
- we said 'we don't have time' because we don't want to tell them directly that 'if you think the price is high, then find someone else' (though I said that in the second mail because it's over the limit of toleration)
- we tried to compromise, saying if you want a rush work it won't be good.
- there's no deposit, no contract. It's just a job offering. They offered us a job and we offered them a price. If they not ok with the price, then I don't have to do. What a fuck that they will reduce my price and force me to do, asshole!
- since the first time his bar wife called us, she kept asking how much and how much (can't you say other word, bitch?) We said we couldn't quote the price now but she kept asking. So we said price start at xxxx baht. You know, they cling onto that figures and kept complaining why their price is higher than what that fuckin girl heard for the first time. Hell, they don't understand the word 'start at'.

We found out only one single fault that caused by us is, we should have told them directly for the first time that WE CANNOT ACCEPT YOUR PRICE. GO FIND SOMEONE ELSE!

Thai style of compromising, putting a blame on yourself or speaking indirect question doesn't work for some sorts of human.
They are idiot enough to not recognize the real reasons behind the first refuse.

If they say we are bad company that cannot manage the time, ...then I just said we gave you 20 days to consider the price. If you not ok, we have rights to work for other jobs. Why we have to only wait for you??? huh?

and then we have rights to say we are not free, not available for your job any longer. Why not?
There's no commitment at all.
We never accept we would definitely do this job, never!
Plus with the fact that they not ok with the price, I cannot find any reasons on earth why they still want us to do.

No matter what they said, we don't care!
Let them talk, let them open their fucking mouth anytime they like.

If you believe them, and think we are wrong...we still don't care.
We work for years, never have any problem at all. no matter customers are in the same nationality or not. Westerners or Thais....no problems.

But for some type of customers, there's no need to pay attention to.

Use your consideration. We don't beg you to take our sides.

If you ask what is our emotion right now? I would say we are really extremely supremely happy to get rid of those studid, idiot, fucking, asshole out of our lives!!!!!!!!


  1. WoW!!!

    that is such a fucking good speech that i've ever had hahaha

    I love it ^ ^*

  2. I see this as a very good lesson to you guys. More experience entrepreneur has met bad grade customers. The day you get used to bad type of customers and feel ok with it, that day you're a professional entrepreneur.


    P.S. I'd like you to write about your experience about good type of customers. This way people know how to behave when they have to deal with business owners.


  3. Good job! Some customers are not worth the troubles.

    Be more direct next time, and tell them no means no.

  4. Actually, I read Thai Version before and I even wanted to comment that your email is polite and clear enough. (But I did't wa. I will continue secretly read you blog Ha Ha). I didn't know that there is second episode!

    Yeah, sometimes compromising is not worth wa.

    Keep cool girl! Let them go and let them solve their own problem.