New Holga 120CFN


As to follow the government's policy that gave poor people 2000 baht cheque, aiming to help country's economic by promoting those people to spend their cheque on 'something'.

We can't keep it our bank account. We have to use it all!!!!
Oh, thank you Mr.prime minister. I don't like you but I like 2000 baht value of this cheque. (I didn't say I like his policy or support it, did I?)

All people in this country who have salary lower than 15,000 baht will get this cheque. Well, just almost all. Except if you are freelance, non-organization worker, farmer, gardener, labourer or anyone who never pay for the Social Security fund (which takes 5% of your salary every month....to manually calcuate, I think it was such a big sum compare to 2000 baht la)
Anyway, how come cabin crews, air hostage or any worker who got paid mainly by perdium or service charge get this cheque? quite unfair la, in my point of view.

Nokhookdesign has one freelance graphic designer. After he resigned from full-time job, he didn't pay money for the Social Security Fund. and he didn't get this cheque....while he didn't get that much money each month.
On the other hand, my friends who are air hostage said their salaries are actually 6000 baht!!!!!
But what they really get each month is around 70,000 which is by perdium cost.

I don't know what and who to blame. Actually I don't care because I got it (ha ha). Just wonder how wise the government is! Yes, Mr. Prime Minister has solved the problem at the right point!
Think so?

So.....not to make him disappointed. I use my cheque to buy this (as you wait to see by seeing my title and wonder when I'd stop talking abt the bloody politic)

He's cool! (I mean this camera, not the P.M)

will take him to the sea and will show some pics very soon.

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