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Last week, we met Paper Mag team at iberry to see them work on graffiti.

Mister Udom the owner (he's famous, a stand comedy speaker) knew Paper team for some time and I don't know how but he asked Paper team to color spray his wall at the back of iberry. You know what iberry is, don't you? It's a must-go place if you arrive Chiang Mai like Wat Doisuthep or Night Bazaar. Tourists love to go, esp Bangkokians. I don't know why Bangkokians are so crazy to go to a franchise shop which also has many franchises in their town. Well, just wonder. I don't hate iberry and have nothing to do with marketing for other ice-cream shop. Maybe it's because it's mister Udom's shop where he put lots of nice sculptures in the landscape. That's why I saw just a tiny ice-cream cup on one table surrounded by eight chairs up. They just want to take some nice pics with 'this' background and to buy a scoop of ice-cream is to show good manner. Maybe, I guest.

Ok, forget about that.
The ice-cream shop is good and atmosphere is very cool. I'm sure you'll love it (if you don't mind a scoop which is much expensive than Swensen's, oops!) And mister Udom is nice.

At least I like him. quite like. I like him that he is open enough to let the nobody artists to painted on his wall. Paper team had done the Panda last year and this year they do the see lor dang (red car taxi)

Mister Udom liked it, I guest. So he asked them to do wall painting again at the back of his shop. I'm not quite sure what the design is. I'm not that artistic you know, but my boyfriend is. And the Paper team is.
Anyway, it's pretty for me. (and for the owner, that's enough)

If you want to eat Thai brand ice-cream, quite cheap if compared to your currency rate (really), I would like to recommend iberry. (Can this substitute to what I said above?) And don't forget to walk to the rear. You will see this. If I didn't heard it wrong, maybe they will paint more walls soon.

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Mr. Kob from Paper team


A treat from Mister Udom. (so nice he is)
green tea, tangerine sorbet, and sun-dried banana flavour