Half Day City Trip

As some of you may know (and some of you may not know), we love to take a short trip in our days off. Not far, we cannot go that far. Just around Chiang Mai.

This time we tried to find new locations for some nice photos. And 'Wat Prasat' comes up to minds.

Wat Prasat is an infamous tourist spot, just opposite to the well-known Wat Prasingh. We hate loads of tourists that block our good shot and so annoyed with some noisy group tours. If you feel like us, just cross the road to Wat Prasat. The architecture is not much inferior. Still pretty for me. It's an old temple, not rebuilt one. Some even said its wall with lovely pine trees (or the whole temple structure I'm not sure) is the model for Rachamanka Hotel. Well, don't have to tell the hotel like this, you know?

Here some pics to show. We took it with our RICOH GX100. Really love this camera, portable with ability like pro camera! Believe me.

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