Yoda Pillow

Nokhookdesign is now in handmade product mode. We really enjoy sewing, arts and crafts. Here is our new product. :D

This pillow is designed to be a mini pillow where you can travel with it everywhere. It can be in you bag. For a nap in office (it really works) or as a little pillow under your hindneck when traveling on a bus. I always find a problem traveling and sleeping overnight on bus, car or even plane and always got a neck ache next morning. But our pug pillow will shred away this problem. hee hee hee

if you want to order, mail to shop@nokhookdesign.com

very fun
New Products are coming soon. See you at NAP Fair, Nimmanhaeminda Road Soi 1
Chiang Mai, Thailand
5-11 December 2010

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